12.12.15Brett Jackson Quartet at Green Lady Lounge

New Updates are here!

I have added my December schedule to the gigs page and put links to two new videos from the Zack Mufasa Band in the videos section. Also, I have some exciting news to share!

Beginning in January, the Brett Jackson Quartet will begin a weekly residency at the Green Lady Lounge. This is exciting by itself, but in addition, this residency will culminate with a recording later on in the year. I am grateful for the ongoing support of John Scott at the Green Lady for his continued interest and support of my music. Look for the BJQ every Thursday at the Green Lady from 9 to midnight.

I will be retaining my other standing gigs at the GLL as well. Boogaloo 7 will move to a slightly earlier time slot on Friday nights and the Foundation 627 Big Band will continue our weekly gig on Sundays from 8:30 to 11:30.

Finally, there are a couple shows to be aware of on the schedule. First is a New Year's party at the Overland Park Ballroom. There will be plenty of room to dance and Chris Hazelton's Boogaloo 7 will be providing funky music to ring in the New Year. Definitely looking forward to that one!

Looking forward, I am excited to say I will once again be playing with the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra on February 26 for their "British Invasion" concert in Helzberg Hall. Always exciting to play with a band of that caliber in an immaculate venue. The KCJO has just released a massive recording project which I was fortunate to be a part of. It is entitled Rhapsody and features the arranging talents of Clint Ashlock. I have included a link to the CD below.

That's all for now! I will do my best to keep the updates coming. Thank you for your continued support! Happy Holidays,


04.13.15Upcoming Shows

Greetings all!!

Happy Spring! It's a busy time of year as my students prep for juries, solo festivals and recitals. Looking forward to some serious downtime in the Summer, but before all that I have some great shows coming up. Shows at The Blue Room, Knuckleheads Saloon, Riot Room, Westport Coffeehouse, a Reggae Festival, Take Five Coffee + Bar, recordBar, The American Restaurant, the 8th Street Tap Room and of course, my home away from home, The Green Lady Lounge. The next month will take me to 4 different states playing Blues, Reggae, Jazz, Soul/Funk and probably some other things too! I love this town.

I'm excited to play with Katy Gullien and the Girls at Knuckleheads Saloon on May 3rd. Katy, Claire and Stephanie have been friends for a long time (Stephanie and I have known each other since the Worlds Of Fun days) and their recent success has been really fun to watch. They're throwing me in on some of their tunes and we'll do some old school blues as well. Check them out at the link below. Looking forward to this one!

The following Friday, May 8, is the CD Release Party for Zack Mufasa and the Born In Babylon Band's new CD "Make It Right". I recently traveled with the Reggae Band to South By Southwest in Austin, TX and this weekend we'll be in Arkansas playing with Josh Heinrichs and SkillinJah. Zack is doing some really exciting things and has got some excellent music to share. Come to the show and get a copy of the new CD! I will share a track or two soon.

Finally, on May 21 the triumphant return of Society Red at the Blue Room! Our Dexter Gordon project features myself and Ryan Thielman as well as John Kizilarmut, Dominique Sanders and Paul Roberts. It will be swiging for sure, and if you want a sneak peak, we will be playing The Ship this Thursday night.

There are many more dates in the gigs tab now, it's updated through the end of May. Shows with Chris Hazelton's Boogaloo 7, Project H, the Brett Jackson Quartet, The Foundation 627 Big Band, Vine Street Rumble and TunaFish Jones. Check to see if I'm going to be in your neck of the woods.

Thanks again to all for your interest and support. Hope to see you soon!


10.06.14New Recordings!!!

Happy Fall Everyone!

This is an exciting time for me - I am settling in to a new teaching job at Washburn University and really enjoying the university atmosphere as well as the motivated and talented students I get to teach. In addition, I am on three new recordings that are being released within less than two months of each other. Two have already hit the market and a third is set to be released at the end of next week. It is with great excitement and pride that I get to share them with you!!

The first is a new recording from The Project H - a band I have played with for 6 years and recorded with previously. Featuring the compositions of Ryan Heinlein, the record is a blend of many genres, and is the most unique and exciting project I’ve been a part of. It’s getting some great play on the jazz radio shows here in KC and excellent reviews have been coming in. I hope you all will give this one a listen! You can find the recording ‘We Live Among The Lines’ on iTunes. A track from the album, “Uncool Kids", is posted in the listen tab.

I also had the pleasure of recording some reggae with Zach Mufasa’s Born In Babylon band. His new EP ‘Perseverance’ is available on iTunes and I was happy to lend my “Ras Saxon" stylings to the proceedings. Some really nice grooves on this record as well as great original songwriting. I always enjoy playing Zach’s music.

Finally, Chris Hazelton’s Boogaloo 7 recorded two tracks this Spring which we are now presenting in a 45 vinyl EP. It features two original compositions by Chris that rest on the border between “ridiculously funky" and “holy cow, I didn’t know my booty could do that" funky. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the review at the bottom of this post, taken mind you, from a website called “Hot Peas & Butta". Look for a track from the EP on this website as soon as it comes out. In the mean time, put October 17 on your calendars and get yourself to the Green Lady Lounge for the release party!

I am extremely grateful for these opportunities. Kansas City continues to be a great place for me to learn and grow. I also feel privileged to contribute to a music scene so insanely rich in talent and diversity. Thanks to all for your support. Your presence at gigs and your purchasing of records sustains the scene and makes it possible for us to do what we do, and hopefully you feel enriched by the music we pour so much effort and passion into. Much love, folks. See you soon!!

06.10.14Nominated for a Pitch Award!

Hello all!

I received word this morning that I've been nominated for a Pitch Award here in Kansas City for best jazz solo artist! The Pitch is a local newspaper that does a great job of covering local eating, music, politics and sports. I am excited to be included on a ballot that features some fantastic musicians. Also on the ballot for the Jazz Ensemble category are two of my favorite projects in KC - Project H and Chris Hazelton's Boogaloo 7. A great day to be sure! In addition, this weekend I'll be performing with both the Boogaloo 7 and Project H on the Coleman Hawkins Jazz Festival in St. Joseph Missouri. Good things are happening, folks! Thanks to all of you for keeping up with my performances and coming out to support the music. You'll find a new clip of the Brett Jackson Quartet in the listen tab as well as an updated list of the gigs I'll be playing this month. Thanks again for all your love and support. If you would like to vote for the Pitch awards, the link is below. See you soon!!


03.22.14Steady gigs!!!

Greetings All,

For those of you living in or visiting the Kansas City area, I have some steady engagements beginning in April to share with you!

First, my quartet featuring Chris Hazelton, Matt Hopper and Kevin Frazee will be playing the 4th Thursday of every month at the Green Lady Lounge at 18th and Grand in KC. I'm excited to finally have my own band and if you haven't heard Chris, Matt or Kevin, you are in for a treat.

Each Friday from 10pm to 2am, I'll be playing with the Boogaloo 7, a group headed by Chris Hazelton featuring soul jazz and some of the finest soloists in KC. It's a fun, funky group and we'll be at the Green Lady every Friday night!

Finally, the Foundation 627 Big Band will be occupying the Sunday night spot at the Green Lady beginning in April. Should be a fun way to wrap up the weekend!

Of course, all of these gigs will be on the calendar soon - off to bed now, playing in church in the morning. Newton/Wichita folks tune in to channel 10 in the morning to see me play some early morning saxophone! Night, night, and thanks again for the support. Hope to see you in KC soon!


02.04.14New pictures in the gallery!

The debut of the Brett Jackson Quartet was a great success! Thanks so much to everyone who came out to hear the show. Aaron Linscheid's pictures of the evening are up now in the gallery. Keep an eye out for the Quartet - more shows coming soon! This Friday night, you can hear me with a smaller group - The Down Low Trio at the Green Lady Lounge playing the late set. Chris Hazelton and Kevin Frazee are on the gig so you know it'll be funky! Thanks to all for your support. Stay warm!

01.06.14Society Red reviewed in Plastic Sax

Here's a concert review of the Take Five Anniversary gig by Plastic Sax. We've got a name for ourselves - Society Red - and will be playing more shows in KC soon!

Next time to catch us is January 24th at the Green Lady Lounge. Come help us celebrate the music of Dexter Gordon!

Brett Jackson - Tenor
Ryan Thielman - Trumpet
Christopher Clarke - Piano
Dominique Sanders - Bass
John Kizilarmut - Drums

Look for a recording in the listen tab!!

12.16.13Happy Holidays!!

Hello all,

A busy holiday season is coming up, please check out the gigs section to see where I'll be playing this month - performances in Newton, Wichita and good ol' KC.

Be sure to put this one on your calendars: The Brett Jackson Quartet will be making its debut at the Green Lady Lounge on January 18th. It's an early show - 5:30 to 8:30 and will feature the outstanding talents of Chris Hazelton, Matt Hopper and Kevin Frazee. It's my first band and our first gig together so come help us celebrate with some swinging tunes!! Thanks once again for the support this year, each one seems to get better and better with new opportunities. Much love to all this holiday season,


Also, I believe I've fixed the link to the first recording in the listen section. Please let me know if you still have problems. Thanks to those who gave feedback!!

A link to the GLL event for you facebookers:

09.09.13Write up from kcjazzlark

Great write up from Larry Kopitnik about Project H and Eddie Moore and the Outer Circle. Check out the pictures too! Look for both of these groups in KC this fall, big things coming up!!

Keep an eye on the calendar - lots of shows in KC's finest places for jazz. Thanks to all for your support. Come say hi at one of the shows!!

Also, check out the new track in the "listen" tab. Recently, Kansas City lost a great musician and human being in Kerry Strayer. To celebrate his music and his life, New Jazz Order devoted a night to his music and a recording of his beautiful arrangement of Gerry Mulligan's "Night Lights" came out of it. It's far from studio quality, but you can hear the love each musician in the band had for Kerry in this recording. I hope you enjoy it.

Much love to all. See you soon,


05.31.13June gigs are up!

Hello All!

I apologize for the lag in getting gigs up here for the summer, but the school year is over and June is looking busy!

First up is Jack Taylor's New Vintage Big Band at the Brooksider. This band has been working on a recording project documenting the large body of work produced by the Maynard Ferguson band. If you've not had a chance to hear this high-octane big band, come check us out!

The next day, I head home to play in Wichita, KS on Thursday and Friday. I'll be playing with O'Phil at the Brickyard on the 6th and with Project H at the Cotillion on the 7th. Both will be great shows!

Returning to the Kill Devil on the 14th is Chris Hazelton's groovy Boogaloo 7. Bring your dancing shoes for this one.

Something special planned for the 21st of June. Friend, mentor, and bari-man Kerry Strayer and I are teaming up to present "Barissentials" - we'll both play some tunes and arrangements with the swinging aggregation of Sam Wisman, Wayne Hawkins and Bob Bowman laying the foundation. Don't miss this one.

Finalmente, I'm glad to be playing with the El Mambo Orchestra again, June 22nd and 30th. Check the calendar for details.

Life is good in KC, hope this update finds everyone well and I look forward to seeing you out this summer. I'll do my best to keep the calendar up to date, feel free to shoot me an email if you want more details on any of these upcoming events. Take care!


02.20.13Busy Week Ahead

Hello All!

Time for a quick update on some excellent shows coming up:

2.25.13 There's a new big band in town. Specializing in the early swing music of Benny Moten, Count Basie and other Kansas City staples, VINE STREET RUMBLE is a band with excellent musicians young and old assembled by Kent Rausch to recreate music from the 18th and Vine days of Kansas City Jazz. This is our debut performance and will take place at Californos in Westport. We are trying to spread the word about this band and this music so our first performance is for FREE. Come out and support a great band playing a timeless repertoire!

2.26.13 Clint Ashlock's NEW JAZZ ORDER BIG BAND is still holding down the fort at Harlings Upstairs. We constantly are incorporating new talent and new music. Come check us out!

2.27.13 Nica's 320 hosts TIM DOHERTY'S 9+1 on Wednesday night. This band plays with the power and intricacy of a big band, but includes the freedom of a small group. Nica's is a great place with excellent food and service. They've redone their back room which includes a stage for the band as well as a pool table and skee-ball machines. Perfect place to unwind on hump day!

3.1.13 I am excited to play with the KU JAZZ FESTIVAL ALL STAR BIG BAND on Friday night. The band includes the best jazz musicians from Kansas City, Lawrence, and the University of Colorado - Greeley. We'll be playing at Lawrence's Free State High School with saxophonist Bob Sheppard. It will be a night of great music and I am proud to be a part!

Lots of opportunities to hear me this coming week. I hope to see you at one of these shows! In addition, there will be performances from the NEW VINTAGE BIG BAND and THE PROJECT H coming up soon. Thanks again for all of your support. See you soon!!


12.03.12Big things coming in December...


December looks to be an exciting month and there are a few performances that are worth special mention.

Recently, I began playing with a reggae band called Born In Babylon. I'm glad to be playing some really groovy music with awesome musicians. We've got several hits in December so come check us out!

On the 23rd, I'll be coming back to Newton, KS to play with my friends Joel and Aaron Linscheid, Andy Toews, and the Webb brothers - Nathan and Jacob Webb. All of us have been off playing music in our respective corners of the world and I can't wait to get together with them again. If you're in the Newton/Wichita area, don't miss it!

On December 29th and 31st, I'll be playing at a new addition to the jazz club scene here in KC. The Kill Devil Club is a swanky place and has been a great new venue that features jazz artists. On the 29th, I'll be performing with the Mark Lowrey group, alongside three of my favorite people and musicians: Matt Otto, Steve Lambert and Mike Herrera. It will definitely be a highlight of my month and I hope you'll come enjoy 4 saxophonists stretching out on original compositions and standards. On New Year’s Eve, New Jazz Order will be at the Kill Devil toasting the arrival of 2013. Come celebrate with us!

For those of you wanting to keep up with where and when I'm playing, please drop me an email using the link in the "Contact" section and I'll add you to my email list. As always, thanks to all of you for checking out the website and coming out to hear the music. Wishing all of you a great holiday season and a happy 2013!


10.10.12Project H coming to Kansas!

Hey all,

The Project H will be swinging through Kansas to do a series of concerts and clinics at area high schools. First up will be a performance on 10/18 in Hutchinson at Third Thursdays beginning at 5:00. The next day, we will do clinics at Wichita East and Eisenhower HS in Goddard. That night, the band will make a stop at Kirby's, near Wichita State University to close out the tour, playing the late set: 11-1. This is a great group of musicians and I am excited to be coming close to home to play again - hope to see some familiar faces! Check out the link for Chris Robinson's review of our CD - Become Light.

Some new gigs are on the itinerary and I've put up a bio as well. As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks for all the support!

09.04.12September Gigs

Great gigs coming up in September and October - Hope to see you out!

9/8/2012 New Jazz Order at 14th Street Jazz Festival

In the middle of the Power and Light District, at 14th and Grand, New Jazz Order will be playing for the 14th Street Jazz Fest. 3pm to 4pm.

9/9/2012 Ben Leifer Group plays the music of Charles Mingus

This one is not to be missed: Ben Leifer, Roger Wilder, Matt Kane and Steve Lambert play the music of Mingus at Take Five Coffee + Bar in Leawood, KS. I'll be joining in on bari for a couple tunes.

9/14/2012 Project H at KC Academy's Grassroots Music Series

Ryan Heinlein's Project H will play music and take questions from audience members at KC Academy, located in Waldo. Great band in a unique and intimate venue.

9/27/2012 Project H at the RecordBar

My favorite band in KC at one of our favorite venues. Hope to see you there!

Great things coming up in October. Highlights include clinics in Wichita and a performance at the Mutual Musicians Foundation. Keep checking back for more details. Thanks for all your support!


07.06.12The Project H is up for Best Jazz Group

The Project H has been nominated as one of the best jazz ensembles in Kansas City by The Pitch, a weekly newspaper in KC. You can vote for us using the link or come out and support us as one of our gigs this coming week. Thanks to everyone for your support!!

Upcoming gigs:
7/9/12 MLB Fan Fest Bartle Hall Convention Center
7/12/12 Cafe Acoustic, St. Joseph MO
7/14/12 The Brick, Kansas City, MO